International Air Transport
International Air Transport

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    Our air freight network service can meet all the air freight requirements of customers, and the one-stop air freight service makes you more at ease!

    Relying on the friendly cooperative relationship and excellent reputation established through cooperation with relevant internationally renowned airlines for many years, our company provides our customers with air cargo services covering all regions of the world. Our company's air transportation is carried out through the world's major transit ports, which can save you more transportation costs. We also provide you with high-quality after-sales service and provide you with fast and accurate real-time information about the goods.

    Benefits you can enjoy:

There are basically no restrictions on the weight and size of the goods being transported.

     Clearly stipulated transit time.

     Assemble the goods on safe equipment.

     Solve unexpected problems in time.

     Provide tracking services.

     Information you need to provide:

     Customs declaration manual.

     Export receipt verification form.

     Customs declaration.

     Customs declaration power of attorney.

     Original packing list (please note: the weight of the declaration must be consistent with the actual weight.).

     Original proforma invoice (please note: the weight of the declaration must be consistent with the actual weight.).

     According to customs regulations, when you need to provide other materials, please provide corresponding certificates (such as commodity inspection certificate, fumigation certificate, contract of the consignee and consignor, etc.).

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