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    As a professional cross-border e-commerce logistics company, Shenzhen Shenglitong Logistics has its own one-stop import and export service system platform. It uses its comprehensive air transport network and professional operation DDU/DDP service advantages to help Chinese sellers send goods by air to Arizona, USA ( Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, etc. Amazon warehouse.

    1. The first way of express:Four major express delivery, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT (it is recommended that the number of votes is small, sellers who are just starting out and have strict timeliness requirements, single ticket control within 200KG can choose express delivery channels)

    2. Air freight + deliveryUnited States UPS double tax package.

    Service Introduction:US UPS double tax package, the first flight from Hong Kong/Mainland to Los Angeles (LAX), express customs clearance, after customs clearance is completed, it will be dispatched to the warehouse by UPS.

    Advantages of Amazon's double tax package service:

     ① Low price, truthful declaration, double tax package.

     ② Air-plus dispatching dedicated line mode, with fast timeliness.

     ③ Terminal UPS delivery, no appointment, stable timeliness

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