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China-Hong Kong Transport

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      China-Hong Kong Express and express are two concepts in different categories. China-Hong Kong Express is a form of import and export declarations, and general trade is also a form of import and export declarations. General trade is the main and common form of import and export declarations in my country. The volume of China-Hong Kong express declarations Compared with general trade, it is much less, and at the same time, China-Hong Kong Express customs declaration will always exist.

    China-Hong Kong Express

     For example, the factory has a batch of self-produced products shipped to Hong Kong to participate in the exhibition. After the exhibition, these products must be returned to the Shenzhen factory. If it is necessary to prove that the goods are returned for export and exhibition, the procedures must be very cumbersome. The cost is too high. At this time, importing by China-Hong Kong express is suitable.

     The major feature of China-Hong Kong Express customs declaration is that it does not require customers to provide invoices, packing lists, purchase contracts and other information. After the valuation declaration, customs duties and value-added tax must also be paid to the customs; for customers, they are based on different product names. The kilograms are all inclusive to calculate the cost.

    The price of China-Hong Kong Express imports:

    The first category: rmb¥4/㎏

     Documents, data, ordinary printing paper, manuals, catalogs, iron shells, tags, labels, ropes, rubber bands, base plates, stickers, cartons, paper boxes, blister

    The second category: rmb¥5/

     Mesh bags, plastic strips, rubber rings, buttons, sealing tape, sand, ceramics, screws, wood blocks, wood panels, wood strips, photo frames, plastic paper, sponge, foam, ribbons, calendars, heels, Sole

    The third category: rmb¥6/㎏

     Plastic plugs, travellers, magnets, floor tiles, grinding stones, candles, yarn, nylon bags, glass, industrial belts, heat sinks, zippers, aluminum sheets, filters, plastic materials, sandpaper, grinding wheels, cleaning cloths, glasses cases

    The fourth category: rmb¥8/㎏

    Low-priced stationery, small hardware accessories, steel rulers, steel sheets, low-priced decals, lock accessories, low-priced locks, stone, fabric, lace, manual hardware tools, door handles, low-priced furniture, low-priced faucets and accessories, stainless steel Products, umbrellas, welding rods, wallpaper, rubber rings, plastic crafts, glass glue

    The fifth category: rmb¥10/㎏

    Low-priced flashlights, terminals, ordinary household switches, low-priced lampshades, hair accessories, grinding wheels, belts, speaker nets, tungsten wires, ordinary tableware, low-priced furniture, wires, connecting wires, steel wires

    The sixth category: rmb¥12/㎏

    Rollers, faucets, low-priced crafts, bearings, photo paper, lampshades, general building materials, belts, electric fans, ball heads, small industrial speakers, valves, low-priced carpets, artificial leather, baby strollers, filter elements, paint, holiday lights

    The seventh category: rmb¥14/㎏

    Simple mechanical parts, ordinary solder paste, magnifying glass, hubs, ordinary speakers (parts), blank pc boards, thermometers, bicycle parts, lubricating oil, reflective paper, laser paper, low-cost clothes, industrial film, water gauge, microphone, low price Price leather, ordinary clothes, socks, ordinary motors, molds, inks

    The eighth category: rmb¥16/㎏

    Low-priced leather products, wigs, industrial coils, connectors, bulbs, lamp tubes, industrial motors, lamps, pneumatic pumps, ordinary pumps, fuses, cooling fans, air conditioning adjustment switches

    The ninth category: rmb¥20/㎏

    Toy remote control, air pressure meter, compressor accessories, fan, power tool, adaptor, empty case, relay, electromagnetic door, keyboard, mouse, empty ink cartridge

    The tenth category: rmb¥23/㎏

    Ordinary clothes samples, shoe samples, coffee machines, washing machine accessories, dryer accessories, ordinary batteries, ribbons, thermometers, air pressure meters, electric heating tubes, headphones, etc.

    The eleventh category: rmb¥25/㎏

    Speakers, mice, keyboards, household appliances accessories, transformers, lathe accessories, calculators, small led lights, household phones, capacitors, and electric cathodes

    The twelfth category: rmb¥28/㎏

    Home game machine, remote control, microphone, hub, power regulator, voltage regulator, sewing machine, three, diode

    The thirteenth category: rmb¥35/㎏

    Inverter, multimeter, power meter, measuring meter, electronic code lock, toner cartridge, sensor, button battery

    The fourteenth category: rmb¥45/㎏

    Printer accessories, computer cases, industrial transformers, timers, thermostats, general measuring meters, wire cutters, card readers

    The fifteenth category: rmb¥50/㎏ and above

    Audio-visual equipment, thermostats, printers, fax machines, copiers, audio control equipment, programmable controllers, punch cards, audio power input machines, camera lenses, electronic components, generators, motor drives, batteries, low-value display films, Simple massage chair

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