In the future, we will deepen the company’s knowledge structure and enhance the company’s core competitiveness; increase the comprehensive development of China’s foreign language education network products and the construction of intelligence introduction bases to form a certain industry advantage in South China, Central China, East China, and North China. Continue to promote the scale of development of Zhejiang Hailun Company.

      Improve the company's capital structure, strengthen the coordinated operation of industrial capital and financial capital, and develop comprehensively in the education, IT network and other industries. Develop Zhejiang Hailun Company into a well-known education industry in China, and achieve assets exceeding the set target.

     Shenzhen Shenglitong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. has a very good professional business team. All salespersons are excellent salespersons with many years of international express service experience. They all have good personal qualities, and have strong professional capabilities and services. Good attitude, professional level and high efficiency.

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