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International express

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    By choosing our international express service, you can use us to send your shipments to any country in the world through multiple routes. One account allows you to easily have a full range of FEDEX/UPS/DHL/TNT/special line express services. You better choose your express delivery method to save you costs. We promise: No matter what method you choose to ship, your express will be safely delivered to your customers!

    Specific products and services are as follows:

    1. DHL International Shipping Service:

    Our company is a DHL first-level agent. DHL express mails transferred by our company can enjoy the same service of DHL. You can check on the DHL official website on the same day. This service has a preferential price, safety and timeliness are guaranteed, and heavy goods have ultra-low prices!

    2. FedEX International Service:

    For international express mails transited by our company from the Federation, this service is fast, convenient for inquiries, safe and reliable, and can be delivered in one day in the United States, and there are special discounts for international heavy goods.

    3. TNT International Shipping Service:

    Our company is a TNT first-level agent. All TNT express mails transferred by our company can be checked on the TNT official website on the same day. This service is fast, convenient, safe and reliable. It has strong customs clearance capabilities and strong delivery capabilities in Western Europe.

    4. UPS international service:

    FudExp Express is one of UPS's agents in Hong Kong, especially for large and heavy goods in Western Europe and Eastern Europe, and go online the next day. For heavy goods that are not very time-sensitive, you can choose this service. A dedicated person is responsible for the operation. Shenzhen and Hong Kong transfer UPS business , The operation is flexible and convenient.

    5. International Dedicated Line Service:

   International dedicated line is our company's main business project. It integrates the advantages of service providers from all over the world, and has the advantages of good price, controllable process, flexible operation, good safety, and fast delivery speed. At present, there are about 40 countries that have opened dedicated lines, including dedicated line to pay and prepaid services all over the world. Our company has operated multiple lines from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. to deliver express shipments every other day.



1. In order to facilitate the timely shipment of the goods, please provide two commercial invoices when shipping, specifying the detailed product name, quantity, and value of the goods. The express shipments shipped to Brazil need to provide the tax number of the local company!

     2. All express mails do not include the customs duties and storage costs of the destination country. If you send to the destination country in a remote area, our company will charge a certain remote attachment fee. The specific collection standard is charged according to the standard published on the website. Regarding the courier to be paid, if the recipient refuses to accept the express, our company will charge the express freight from the sender, and this fee is not discounted!

     3. For fragile items, please pack them by yourself. If our company packs them on your behalf, our company will not bear any corresponding responsibility for the broken goods.

     4. The billable weight is based on the actual weight and volume weight of the shipment, and the larger of the two is the billable weight. The calculation method of volume weight: length × height × width / 6000, other countries (Western Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, etc.) Volume weight calculation method: length × height × width / 5000, some countries have a bubble, please consult the salesperson for details.

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