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    There are many ways for FBA to go to Europe. In the past, most Amazon FBA sellers sent international express delivery. To Amazon FBA warehouse, the timeliness is fast and stable, but the biggest drawback is that the cost is very high. So now many sellers will formulate a delivery Cycle, flexible use of different modes of transportation, this can not only maintain the demand for goods supply in the store, but also save costs.

    Air-addition is also one of the ways of dedicated line.

    UPS Europe Line is actually a combination of FBA and UPS. It is transported to the destination airport or port through international air cargo or international sea transportation, and customs clearance with cooperative agents. It can also operate pre-paid tax services (tax-included). After customs clearance of goods, Transfer to the cooperative FBA Amazon warehouse, and then deliver it by the local UPS express in Europe.

    European special line price: 30-40% lower than the cost of the four major express lines; international costs; usually there are German special lines, British special lines, French special lines, Danish special lines, Dutch special lines, and Italian special lines

    European special line cargo tracking: When the goods arrive in the hands of the agent, there will be a transfer number, and random arrangements from the domestic to the international airport (sea to port). This requires the agent to manually reply to the cargo arrangement. Of course, these are the internal cargo arrangements. Documents, customers cannot follow up online. After the goods arrive at the European transit station, customers can track the number transfer and check the information on UPS's official website.

    European special line time limit: There are two situations, one is for direct flights, and the other is for connecting flights. The cargo flies from the mainland or takes off from Hong Kong; the mainland of China will fly from Beijing, Guangzhou and other places to arrange airline cargo.

    FBA European special line receiving type: European special line generally accepts general goods (hardware, plastic parts, textiles, leather, LED, lamps, daily necessities, props, car interiors, packaging boxes, etc.). If the wooden box is not packed, it can be connected to live and magnetic products.

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