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Which European special line in Shenzhen can take battery products?

Which European special line in Shenzhen can transport battery products? Friends who often use international express know that whether it is embedded battery products, supporting facility battery products, or pure battery products, they are all sensitive to international cargo transportation. Products can not be delivered by the general express company. Special delivery methods must be used to deliver them overseas.

So there are many logistics companies in Shenzhen, which European special line transportation can use battery products? Different freight logistics companies have separate high-quality methods, and other concentrated cross-border e-commerce logistics service projects. With a high-quality European logistics line, it can contract for built-in batteries, supporting facility batteries and pure battery products, with double tax clearance, safe transportation, and convenient and fast postal delivery.

Which European special line can transport battery products in Shenzhen?

 One, Europe Pass, can contract embedded/supporting facilities battery products

Eurolink is a product promoted by Shenglitong Logistics to continuously integrate high-quality logistics resources and improve logistics transportation. Direct flights from Hong Kong, China to Europe. UPS delivery at the end. All products within 200 euros are tax-inclusive and no further payment is required. Expensive income tax. This is undoubtedly a great benefit for businesses engaged in the trading of high-line use value products such as electronic device products.

  【European Pass】The first weight is 1kg, the additional weight is 1kg, and 30Kg items can be contracted. Twenty-six countries in Europe, including Germany, the United States, France, Italy, Spain, etc., have an overall timeliness of 7 to half a month. The flight resources are rich and varied, and the timeliness is stable. Contract for built-in batteries and battery products with supporting facilities. The postal amount is 200 euros and the full-inclusive tax on the decoration of the items below. There is no VAT income tax payment. The advantages of mailing high-use value items to Europe are obvious.

Detailed description of the courier fee: 1kg of goods arrives in Germany, the transportation fee is 9 yuan or so. The 2Kg item arrives in Germany by post, and the transportation fee is around 144 yuan. The shipping fee for a 5 kg item arrives in Germany is around 299 yuan.

2. China and Australia tax package bag, post all battery products

China and Australia tax package is a DDP logistics service developed and designed by Taijia Logistics integrating international air transportation and European high-quality logistics resources. It is a model for products that are exported to the United States. A high-quality way for a discount. The first FBA service project uses Hong Kong, China's rich and colorful aircraft flight resources, international air transport to countries in Europe and the world, the local carrier can obtain the goods after customs clearance on the same day, and the goods are delivered within two days on average.

[China Australia tax package bag-B] 0-2kg goods can be shipped to 16 countries in Europe including Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, ancient Greece, etc. General goods, built-in batteries, supporting facilities batteries, For pure batteries and their liquid products, the overall timeliness of inspection is 8 to half a month. After European customs clearance, the transshipment order number is issued with the information content of the delivery, which can be used as a virtual overseas storage.

Transportation fee to France: If the goods with a net weight of 2kg arrive in France, the transportation fee is only 139.5 yuan. If an article with a net weight of 5 kilograms arrives in France, the transportation fee is only RMB 277. Two.

3. Spain post express parcel, high-quality postal express parcel

Spain Post Express Parcel is a convenient European small package business process released by Holland Post for network technology merchants. With the logistics resources and logistics system of Holland Post, the logistics and distribution services cover the whole world. It can provide more for Europe and my country. High-efficiency and convenient logistics and transportation, contract a variety of electrified products. FBA's first international air shipment to Spain, and the tail end trucks are delivered to countries all over the world. The postal express system software customs clearance, the probability of being taxed is low, and the delivery is reliable.

【Spanish Appointment Registered Small Bag-B】Limited load is 2kg, which is not included in the first renewal weight of the express, and is uniformly calculated in grams. It can reach 16 countries in Europe with strong e-commerce work capabilities in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. The overall timeliness of collection is 7-1/2 months, and the timeliness is stable. It can ship embedded batteries, supporting facility batteries, pure battery products and imitation products, with obvious advantages. In terms of postal expenses, Shenglitong Logistics enjoys new discounts and high cost-effective prices.

 Courier fee to France: if you send a 1kg item to France, the transportation fee is 62 yuan; if you send a 2Kg item to France, the transportation fee is only 117 yuan.

Which European special line in Shenzhen can transport battery products? In the above, we have introduced three high-quality European road freight logistics methods. Package TS European special line transportation, China Australia tax package and Spanish postal express package. Although the Spanish post express parcel is not a dedicated logistics line, it is because of the advantages of Dutch post in Europe that it has more advantages than the general logistics dedicated line. The method of small parcels and the low probability of being taxed. The postal express system software customs clearance is convenient and quick. For more detailed information, please consult the official website online customer service.

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