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What should I pay attention to when sending international express?

What should I pay attention to when sending international express?

    Sending notice:

    1. Prohibition of parasites: liquids, powders, imitation guns, high magnets, batteries, pressure bottles, plant organisms, cash cards and securities, tobacco, flammable dangerous goods, weapons, illegal objects related to national politics and religion, and other illegal objects.

    2. Restricted items: cigarettes, food, medicines, condiments, health care products, cosmetics, mobile phones, counterfeit products involving internationally renowned brands (such as Chanel, Dior, LV, etc.), as long as they are brands from other countries, the country of origin does not It belongs to China, and it is the delivery of international express restricted items. It is recommended that customers do not send or send carefully.

    3. For special needs, the company can only mail ems, air parcels, sal parcels and sea parcels, but the company must not violate the relevant regulations of the domestic customs, but the customer must bear the risk of seizure by the overseas customs. This probability is about 10%~20% (our experience is for reference only). If you transport non-commercial packaging of meat, bulk food and medicines, the risk may be doubled! Sampling of meat with high risk will not be deducted.

    Commercial express volume calculation:

    When choosing dhl, tnt, fedex, these commercial orders are the advantages of guaranteeing the cabin. Need to compare actual weight and volume weight, volume weight = length × width × height (cm)/5000 = volume kg, volume kg number and actual weight ratio, the higher is the charge weight when the length of the EMS side exceeds 60cm, the volume weight needs to be calculated = Length×width×height (cm)/8000=volume kg, EMS size limit is 1.2M, length + width + height 2m, surface package size limit: length 1.5M, length + width + height 2.2m

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