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What if Japan FBA International Logistics encounters a return situation?

    At present, more and more domestic enterprises and merchants are developing international trade platforms. Many merchants are opening stores on Amazon and selling their products to all parts of the world. However, for enterprises and merchants who have just contacted the Japanese FBA, they spend a lot of time decorating their stores in the current period. , Stocking, advertising, after the product is sold out, there is a situation of return, it is very troublesome, and the returned goods, then how to deal with, the following editor of Shenglitong will come to answer the Japanese FBA international logistics experience for you How to deal with the return situation. There are only two states for refunded products: saleable state and unsellable state. When Amazon receives a return from a buyer, the warehouse staff will check the reason for the return, and then determine whether the product is still available for sale. If it is a good returned product, it will be automatically returned to the inventory, and the product is ready for sale; if it is a damaged returned product, it will not be returned to the saleable inventory. However, please don’t ignore your non-saleable returns, because they are still in the Japanese FBA warehouse and continue to charge monthly storage fees.

    When the returned product is judged to be unsaleable, the seller needs to know what caused the damage to the product. Was it damaged during transportation, or was it damaged by the buyer? If it is damaged during transportation, the seller must ask Amazon for compensation to get back their own profits. +

    For novice business merchants who have just contacted Amazon, they may not understand that if Amazon’s own mistakes meet the requirements of the claim policy, the seller can actually apply for effective compensation from Amazon.

    Multiple scenarios where you can apply for a claim

    1. Inventory that has been lost/damaged in the Amazon warehouse;

    2. The transportation company entrusted by Amazon has damaged the product during transportation without receiving corresponding compensation;

    3. Not being compensated for the return cost claimed by Amazon;

    4. Products destroyed by Amazon without the permission of the merchant will not receive corresponding compensation;

    5. Within 3 months, the warehousing data does not meet, and the quantity is lost without corresponding coordination and compensation;

    6. Amazon compensation is less than the corresponding compensation;

    7. The value of the compensation amount does not conform to the actual product value;

    8. After Amazon customers received the refund, they did not return the goods within 45 days;

    9. The amount refunded by the customer is higher than the purchase amount;

    10. The customer replacement time exceeds 30 days, but Amazon does not give 35% of the restocking fee;

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