Logistics common sense
UPS express volume and weight limit

    1. The following shipments must be added 40RMB per piece: (The following are repeated charges that need to add fuel for the current month. As long as the additional conditions are met, the cumulative charge will be added).

    a) Irregular goods;

    b) Non-carton packaging;

    c) The long side exceeds 118CM;

    d) The second long side exceeds 76CM;

    e) The actual weight of a single piece exceeds 32KG.

    2. The following shipments must add 388RMB per piece: (The following are repeated charges, as long as they meet the additional conditions, they will be accumulatively added)

    a) The long side exceeds 250CM;

    b) The sum of the two short sides *2 plus the long side more than 298CM (but if it cannot exceed 398CM, an additional 388 yuan per piece will be charged);

    c) The actual weight of a single piece exceeds 68 kg (including 68 kg).

    Another: HKUPS does not accept packages with a single piece weighing more than 70 kg, but there is no limit to the total weight of each ticket.

    The above additional charges of 40 and 388 are to be double-calculated.

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