Logistics common sense
Teach you the appropriate logistics method for cross-border e-commerce logistics

For products with high speed requirements, you can choose commercial express. The cost of commercial express delivery is high, and it can be tracked throughout the entire process. It will reach the destination in about 5-7 days, and the risk of packet loss and customer cancellation of payment is small.

    If the speed requirement is not high, you can choose air parcel. Air parcels can be shipped below 2Kg. They are characterized by cheap, convenient, global mail, uniform prices, but unstable timeliness, slow update of information, and high risk of packet loss and customer disputes.

    The logistics environment of different countries, especially the soft environment of logistics is different, the logistics and transportation methods of different countries are very different.

    Western Europe, Northern Europe, and Southern Europe can use DHL and TNT, which have strong customs clearance capabilities. TNT has obvious advantages in the Netherlands and Belgium.

    In Eastern Europe, DHL dominated areas include Lumania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary, etc., and EMS dominated areas include Greece, Russia, and Turkey.

    In Asia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries are suitable for issuing FedEx and DHL. FedEx has fast aging, DHL has the characteristics of fast speed, but its price is high. Indonesia recommends issuing DHL because of its strong customs clearance capabilities.

    Canada, the United States and other American countries, FEDEX, UPS, DHL are more suitable, they have strong customs clearance capabilities and fast speed. Mexico is suitable for FEDEX, Argentina and Brazil are suitable for China Post EMS. Note that Brazil needs to provide a tax number. FEDEX price advantage in Central and South America, but beware of customs clearance risks.

    In Oceania, DHL and UPS are fast, but the price is high; TNT and FEDEX are low in price, but relatively few outlets. Pay special attention to Australia’s product packaging to be labeled "MADE IN CHINA". The Middle East is suitable for Middle East express ARAMEX and EMS. Commercial express delivery in Africa is very expensive, and there are many remote areas. It is recommended to send EMS.

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