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Regarding the requirements for DHL shipment invoices to Kuwait

    After receiving the Hong Kong DHL notice, the requirements for the invoice for shipments to Kuwait are as follows: 1. It must be a machine-printed invoice (not handwritten) 2. It must have the detailed address and contact number of the sender and the recipient 3. The detailed description of the goods ( Detailed list of goods) 4, actual quantity 5, unit declared price 6, total declared price 7, net weight 8, declared price currency 9, country of origin 10, invoice must be 11 in English, and no commercial value cannot be marked on the invoice Either the value is zero or the declared price is just for customs clearance (value for custom purpose, zero value) 12, and the customs code is 13. If the goods require a certificate of origin, there must be a note on the invoice number. In addition: If the declared price of a shipment within 100KG is less than or equal to 1500 US dollars, the invoice should be a commercial invoice (commercial invoice). If the declared price of a shipment less than 100KG is US$1501 to US$2999, the invoice must be the original commercial invoice (must have If the declared price of the goods exceeds or equals 3000 USD (regardless of the weight) or the weight of the goods exceeds 100KG (regardless of the declared price), the origin and certificate of origin must be provided.

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