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Pure electric power bank can be sent in small packages of Germany, France and Europe

    Germany, France, Europe, and European special lines can send pure electric mobile chargers. It is a special line method directly operated by our company from China to Europe and the world. Previously, it was mentioned that 28 European and my country special line packages can be sent with embedded batteries, batteries and supporting facilities. Liquid skin care products, etc., but it is impossible to deliver purely electrical products. The dedicated line mentioned today is not enough. Germany, France, Europe, the pure electric special line packet is for 18 European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, France, France, Spain, Finland, Italy, Germany, Spain and other countries.

    European special line small package, European special line can send pure electricity

    Specializing in the delivery of mobile chargers, mobile power supplies, pure batteries and other products. Unlike the European special line small bags, they only accept goods within 2kg. The minimum size is 50 grams. The total size cannot exceed 90 cm. The length of one side does not exceed 60 cm. If the diameter of the shaft is doubled, the length is not more than 104 cm, and the length of one side is not more than 90 cm. The price is 1 kg plus the disposal fee for each piece. Note here that dangerous goods are not accepted. If the goods are deliberately redeemed, the security check will be deducted and the penalty will be 150 Hong Kong dollars per ticket, and the transportation fee will not be refunded, and the goods will be destroyed on the spot. Regulations for small packages in Germany, France, and Europe: 1. Due to the battery transportation problem, all goods must be packaged in an insulating layer, and the outer box must be in a cardboard box. Packaging bags, envelopes, and other non-package boxes are not allowed, otherwise the goods will be seized. non refundable. 2. The volume of the battery must be indicated on the top of the battery. The volume of a battery cannot exceed 20wh, and a battery pack cannot exceed 100wh. The carton outside the bag of the pure electric mobile charger needs to be affixed with a battery label. 3. Except for Spain and France, all other countries must affix yellow labels.

    European special line small package, European special line can send pure electricity

    The sales market demand for pure electric mobile chargers in Germany, France, and Europe is quite large. In fact, Europe and my country are industrial countries with a lot of electricity consumption products. Therefore, our company has adopted this type of dedicated line method to meet the needs of the market. The company’s business scope is not only limited to Europe and my country, but also the main business of Japanese special lines, British special lines, Southeast Asian special lines and cross-border e-commerce COD collection business processes. Seeking to solve the difficult problem of cross-border e-commerce and shipping from self-built station stores to overseas.

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