Industry Information
New Notice of China Post Express Mail Declaration Requirements

    In response to the notice from China Post, the name of the items in China Post’s EMS package must be declared in accordance with the following requirements:

    1. The item declaration must be consistent with the items contained in the internals; when multiple items are mixed, the main item name can be declared;

    2. Avoid items in the declaration: "gifts", "gifts", "accessories", "samples", "daily necessities", "daily necessities", "daily necessities", "clothes", "shells" and other words;

    3. The word "cup" should be avoided in the declaration of articles, and the customs will strictly review such declarations;

    The customs system will automatically handle the refund of the above general declaration mail. Please contact our company's business and customer service staff for specific information, please understand that it will cause any inconvenience!

Working day:9:00-18:00
Weekday: Rest