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New FEDEX operating requirements and related regulations on surcharges

    1. FED standard surcharge and related regulations

    01. Fuel surcharge: The quotation does not include fuel surcharge, and the monthly FEDEX official website shall prevail!

    02. Remote surcharge: according to RMB4/KG* fuel, low charge RMB200/ticket* fuel; remote three-month notice is valid, please check the remote by yourself!

    03. Change of address fee: Calculated at RMB105/ticket*fuel (the surcharge incurred by the recipient changing the delivery address will be borne by the sender)

    Shipping fee for change of address: Under normal circumstances, FEDEX cannot directly provide address change services locally. If the address has actually been changed due to other factors, there may be a high change of address fee, which is about RMB2000/piece. The specific bill amount is Yes, it needs to be paid in full by the sender and cannot be appealed;

    04. Customs prepaid handling fee: No additional surcharges will be charged, and FEDEX direct bills will prevail (local destination tariffs, surcharges, more complicated customs clearance fees, etc. may be generated, such as changing to prepaid or choosing tariffs Prepayment will be charged to the sender.)

    05. Residential area surcharge: RMB30/ticket (additional fuel surcharge is required); if sending oversized and overweight packages (IEF/IPF service packages), the residential area delivery surcharge is RMB931/ticket (additional fuel surcharge is required) Fee) (applicable only to the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada). If the delivery surcharge has been charged in remote areas, there is no need to charge this residential surcharge; the original bill will not be provided separately for this fee, and the website will prevail

    06. Saturday delivery fee: Calculated by RMB130/ticket*fuel

    07. Third-party tariff surcharge: charged at 2.5% of the total freight amount, as low as RMB90/ticket (additional fuel surcharge is required)

    08. Surcharge for third party recipient and designated customs clearance agent service surcharge: RMB9.8/KG* fuel will be incurred, low charge RMB90/ticket* fuel

    09. The following surcharges may be incurred (the specific amount is subject to the agent bill): ①Dangerous goods with limited loading position: RMB1029 per ticket or 19.1RMB per kilogram, whichever is higher; ②Unlimited loading position Dangerous goods: RMB583 per ticket or 7RMB per kilogram, whichever is higher; ③Dry ice surcharge: The charge standard is RMB45 per ticket; if a dangerous goods surcharge has been charged (limited or unrestricted loading positions on the plane) , There is no need to charge this dry ice surcharge; because our company does not accept the shipment of dangerous goods, if the shipment of dangerous goods is not confirmed in advance, all the responsibilities and expenses incurred after the direct shipment will be unconditionally borne by the sending customer. ;

    10. Declared value requirements a: When the declared value on the FEDEX goods invoice exceeds a certain amount, additional Hong Kong export tariffs and handling fees will be incurred. The charging standard for this fee is: when the declared price reaches or exceeds USD10000, an additional RMB will be charged for each ticket 100 yuan, for every additional USD5000 (less than 5000USD according to 5000USD), an additional 20 yuan will be charged;

    b: The customs declaration requirements for any declared value between USD120-USD9999 are as follows: 1) The customs code (Hong Kong HSCODE) of each commodity needs to be indicated on the waybill and invoice, and the customs code is accurate to ensure smooth customs clearance of the goods; 2) Invoices must be accurate and detailed for each commodity, including product name, material, purpose, origin, etc.; 3) The value of each commodity in the invoice must be clearly marked, and must not be 0; 4) Textile goods must provide a detailed description of each textile , Including textile type, gender, composition and percentage, weaving method, etc. Important note: The customs code of the goods must be based on the HSCODE of Hong Kong, which can be found on the following website: http://www.censtatd.gov.hk/trader/hscode/index_tc.jsp

    11. Surcharge for non-stacked shipments: when IPF/IEF oversize and overweight packages require "No Stacking", RMB1472*fuel per ticket

    12. Goods with light weight and large volume are calculated according to volume weight: volume weight is subject to (length x width x height) cm/5000; the weight of cargo above 21 kg is charged per kg, and less than 1 kg is calculated as 1 kg; cargo The weight of a single piece exceeds 68 kg, the length of one side exceeds 274 cm, and the outer length exceeds 330 cm (peripheral length = the sum of the two shorter sides multiplied by 2 plus the long side); it is an oversized cargo, and when there are multiple pieces per ticket, A single piece less than 68KG will be charged as 68KG;

    "13. Federal cargo size restrictions: the length cannot exceed 3M, the width cannot exceed 1.4M, and the height cannot exceed 1.7M;


    2. Operational requirements and precautions for "special cargo"

    01. Invoices need to be provided in detail (sending company name, shipping address, telephone number, recipient details, goods, quantity, product name must have material and purpose customs code), a ticket of more than 10 pieces is required to provide "shipping manufacturer" Details",

    02. The declared value of the goods in the commercial invoice is only allowed in USD and EUR currencies, and the origin "MADEINCHINA" is required on the invoice

    03. When products with batteries are delivered, they must be marked on the waybill and delivery list, and the model must be marked. If the responsibility for concealing the declaration will be borne by the sender, some countries prohibit the transfer of battery products containing live products. See the list below forbidden to transfer

    04. Textiles: The format must be declared in the following format: 100% COTTONWOVENLADIES'T-SHIRT, please indicate on the waybill and delivery list when delivering. That is, content + material + woven/knitted + men's/women's + product name

    05.PCB category: to provide PCB form-Worksheet-PCBCheckList (for all countries);

    06. Live products: provide battery information (for all countries)

    07. Ballpoint pens must provide TSCA certificate of non-toxicity (for all countries)

    07. When the destination is the United States, the corresponding product must provide corresponding form data

    For wire materials, data cable form is required-US_cable_work_sheet

    Carton, cardboard form is required-US-Worksheet-PaperboxfromChinaOrigin

    For wooden products, a wooden product form is required-US-laceyactworksheet

    Shoes, shoe certificate is required-US-ShoeForm

    Ballpoint pen, need to provide non-toxic certificate-US-TSCA, (other countries if the number of pieces exceeds 2 will need to provide this certificate)

    Electronic products need to provide FCC, otherwise they will be returned and will incur a return fee;

    Plastic bag products, PlasticBagsWorksheet must be provided

    The goods sent to the U.S. contain aluminum alloy content and need to fill out an aluminum product form

    LED products need to provide FDA form

    All products that touch the eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet, and body need to provide the MID manufacturer address

    3D glasses, need to provide drop ball test-US-DropBallTest

    08. Wooden boxes: non-solid wood packaging is required, and hinges are required to facilitate the inspection of the goods

    10. Card board cargo: FED oversized pieces need to be punched in, and the height of the card board must be 9 cm. The outer length exceeds 330CM, and the actual weight of a single piece of less than 68KG is charged at 71KG, and if it exceeds 68KG, it is charged at the actual billable weight; if one of the multiple pieces of goods is oversized, then the whole ticket is charged according to the oversized piece, of which it does not exceed 68kg. Both are billed at 68KG.

    9. Cambodia: The declared value of FED sent to Cambodia cannot exceed USD300.0, otherwise it will be returned and a return fee will be incurred.

    10. Special countries: Argentine, Brazil, and Italy for private parts, Germany needs to provide a tax number; India packages need to provide HS (customs code), IEC (import license number), TIN (tax number) documents are not required; Ecuador, need to provide receipt Person ID number (+CUIT before tax number).

    11. Spain: FED Spain Ceuta/MELILLA city no goods service; Micronesia FED single piece does not exceed 30KG

    12. To “EU countries”, you need to provide the EORI number to be able to transfer normally. In order to avoid the delay of the shipment, please confirm this EORI number before the shipment (EORI number is for all economic activities in EU countries, especially A necessary registration number for companies with import and export business. The number must be registered in the customs of the country where the company belongs, and it can be used throughout the EU.) For example: France and Germany need to provide an EORI number; private addresses do not need to provide an EORI number.

    "13. For packages sent to Italy (Italy), Germany, France, etc., if the recipient is a private person, the consignor must declare a valid recipient tax number (consisting of 16 digits or characters) on the waybill and invoice Tax number). Please know and tell the consignor to ensure that the information is correct and complete before shipping the goods. If you fail to comply with the above regulations, the shipment may be delayed or be forcibly returned to the place of shipment or destroyed by the local customs. Or without prior notice to the recipient and shipper before the destruction, all delays and costs incurred shall be borne by the shipper.


    "14. All non-document goods going to India must provide ImporterExportCode (IEC) for follow-up customs clearance. Gifts sent to private individuals can be omitted.

    If the recipient fails to complete customs clearance within 30 days after the goods arrive at the customs clearance port, the customs will handle it by themselves.

    Animals and animal extracts must provide local safety and health inspection certificates.

    Invoices with no commercial value are not accepted locally, and the goods must be declared based on the true value of the goods.

    If you apply for the return of the goods, you must get the permission of the local customs and the sender and the recipient should inform the reason for the return. If there is a fine, it must be paid.

    Duty-free goods must be formally cleared, and the form of tariff must be indicated on the bill of lading and invoice.

    All non-document recipients to WestBengal must provide EntryForm50.

    The recipient of the goods going to UttarPradesh should provide EntryForm38(commercial)orForm39(non-commercial).

    The recipient or importer must provide a TIN number. (Taxidentificationnumber).

    For goods cleared by the recipient's agent, the customs clearance documents will be deemed to be signed upon receipt of the recipient's agent.

    All wood-packed goods will be regarded as ISPM-15 (IntlStandardPhytosanitary Measures), and relevant disinfection certification documents are required.

    Plants and plant extracts must be accompanied by the inspection and quarantine certificate of the importing country.

    The following are two customs clearance modes in India:

    ·Express customs clearance-goods with a value not exceeding INR100,000 and a single piece weighing not more than 70KG can be cleared at the first port after the arrival of the goods.

    Cargo customs clearance-for goods with a value of more than INR100,000 and a unit price of more than 70KG.

    All non-documented goods must be accompanied by an invoice, a complete description of the goods, and HS code. The customs will re-evaluate the goods with under-declared value and impose penalties.

    ·All consignees of goods going to delhi require aDELVATFORMT2. "

    15. HKFEDEX, the packaging will be strictly inspected in the near future, if the packaging is unqualified, it will be returned, and the related costs will be borne by the sender, please pay attention

    16. Guatemala does not accept mobile phones, and Mexico only accepts punched shoes samples

    17. For other items not listed, the actual notice of FEDEX shall prevail. The final interpretation right above belongs to the first generation. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant colleagues of the first generation in time

    18. Venezuela does not accept the declaration value exceeding 2000 USD

    19. U disk customs declaration requires authorization letter

    20. Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States cannot deliver to the email address and military address APO/FPO

    21. Ecuador needs to provide the recipient ID when delivering the goods, otherwise the customs cannot be cleared

    22. Federal channels such as shipment damage, partial loss or delay will not be compensated. For the loss of the entire shipment, the high compensation amount is USD100. The claim must be filed within 30 days from the date of delivery to the agent, otherwise the agent will not be compensated. . It is recommended to purchase insurance for high-value items.

    For matters not listed above, the actual notification of the agent will prevail!

    3. FEDEX tariffs are subject to the bill, the normal recourse is valid within one year after the delivery, and the normal recourse for other miscellaneous charges is valid for 3-6 months, but it is not limited to this time! The bill shall prevail!

    Hong Kong FDX does not accept lithium battery shipment countries


    2Laos Laos

    3Maldives Maldives

    4Malta Malta

    5Nepal Nepal

    6EastTimor East Timor

    7Gibraltar Gibraltar

    8Armenia Armenia

    9Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

    10Brunei Brunei


    12CapeVerde Cape Verde

    13Cyprus Cyprus

    14Egypt Egypt

    15Guam Guam

    16Guernsey Guernsey

    17Jersey Jersey

    18Marshall Islands Marshall Islands

    19Montenegro Montenegro

    20Palau Palau

    21SouthAfrica South Africa

    22Qatar Qatar (out of service)

    23Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

    24SriLanka Sri Lanka

    25Niger Niger

    26Rwanda Rwanda


    28Serbia Serbia

    29Ukraine Ukraine

    30Argentina Argentina


    32Uruguay Uruguay


    34Senegal Senegal

    35Greenland Greenland

    36Canary Islands

    For countries that are not connected to live electricity that are not covered above, it is recommended to call the federal official phone to verify before sending the goods; otherwise, the sender will unconditionally bear the related problems and responsibilities of the goods;

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