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How does the Shenzhen tariff package European special line to France charge?

    How does the Shenzhen Customs-Packed European Line to France charge? The packaged European Line is a purpose-built freight logistics product for cross-border e-commerce merchants and self-built station merchants in the European sales market of service items. The import and export trade customs clearance and tariff package business processes can be given, and there is no need to pay for VAT appreciation costs.

    Compared with the traditional DDP prepayment tariff method, this method can prevent high amounts and higher taxes and costs, which in turn will increase the overall cost of the freight logistics stage and reduce the sales volume of goods. So how do you charge for the tariff-included European special line to France? The following is a detailed explanation for everyone.

    How do you charge for the tariff-free European special line from Shenzhen to France?

    【European Pass】The first weight is 1kg, the additional weight is 1kg, and 30Kg items can be contracted. Twenty-six countries in Europe, including France, the United States, France, Italy, Spain, etc., have an overall inspection timeliness of 7 to a half months. There are various aircraft flight resources and a stable timeliness. Contract for goods with built-in rechargeable batteries and storage batteries for supporting facilities. The postal amount is 200 euros and the full-inclusive tax on the decoration of the following items. There is no need to pay VAT income tax. The delivery of high-use value items to Europe has obvious advantages.

    Detailed description of the courier fee: If a 1kg item arrives in France, the transportation fee will be around 143 yuan. If a 2Kg item arrives in France, the transportation fee will be around RMB 195. If a 5 kg article arrives in France, the transportation fee is about 349 yuan.

    From this, it can be seen that the freight price of this platform is significantly higher compared to the general European dedicated line. However, if we calculate the tax payment standards, we will see that this method has a more obvious overall price advantage.

    for example:

    The prepayment tariff method on the market, mailing a product worth 200 euros, must deduct the VAT income tax of about 40 euros, which is about RMB 300, which is expensive. However, if you apply TS Europe Pass, you only need to pay the transportation fee that matches the net weight, which can greatly save transportation costs.

    Tariff-included European special line-how about Taijia Logistics?

    Founded in 2012, Shenglitong Logistics is a comprehensive freight logistics service provider that has concentrated on cross-border e-commerce logistics service projects for more than ten years. Several key cities including Yiwu have established subsidiaries. With "transmitting the world and delivering to the world" as the key task, we focus on providing high-quality logistics and distribution services for cross-border e-commerce merchants with postal needs in China.

    4 reasons for choosing Shenglitong Logistics:

    1, systematization

    Everyone understands the transportation requirements of international air transportation, international sea transportation, railway transportation and other means of transportation, understands to solve the problems in the whole transportation process, and effectively prevents the corresponding risks, can help overseas customs clearance, pay social insurance fees and other service items , The goods are delivered to the Amazon warehouse smoothly.

    2, high efficiency

    With a professional team of treasury management elite, practical operation elite team, order-making elite team and driver elite team, upon receipt of order information and data, they can immediately carry out picking and express sorting of goods, pick up the goods on the same day, and the next day Out of the library, you can enjoy high-efficiency online service items within 24 hours.

    3, scale

    Everyone has signed agreements with my country Domestic Airlines (CA), Cooperative Package (UPS), British Airways (BA), Cathay Pacific (CX) and Orient Overseas (OOCL), Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) and its UPS, DHL, and FEDEX logistics companies The freight price, the price is cost-effective, the storage space is guaranteed, the large-scale reduction of logistics costs, and the reduction of transportation costs make users' products more competitive in the market.

    4. Appreciation

    From collecting, checking, warehousing, to submitting orders, express sorting, outgoing, technical professional online customer service tracking in the same city, so that customers can feel at ease, rest assured, and rest assured. Taijia Logistics can provide high-quality personalized services, including import and export customs brokerage, logistics insurance, foreign returns, product assembly, technical and professional stickers, completely free structural reinforcement, logistics warehousing, international logistics consulting, and humanized international logistics solutions Method and other one-stop international freight service consulting

    How does the Shenzhen Customs-Package European Special Line to France charge? I briefly explained the status of the transportation fees to France for you, and I look forward to some assistance to you. In addition, the European special line of package tariffs arrives in France, the United States, Spain, Spain and other European countries, and has obvious price advantages in countries all over the world. For more detailed information, please consult the official website online customer service.

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