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European special line small package, international small package channel,

    European special line transportation of small parcels, e-commerce international small parcels, Shenzhen foreign trade e-commerce import and export of small parcels, Shenglitong International Express, a well-known brand dedicated to one-stop logistics and distribution services, and the company uses Belgian Post's strong postal express management in Europe. System, and hand in hand with the Belgian Post, released the European convenient package business process-European special special line transport small package.

    The European special special line transportation package is divided into surface mail and appointment registration service items. The key services are large and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce merchants or service platforms, large, medium and small e-commerce direct customers, etc. The delivery scope can cover the 28 EU countries and can be delivered quickly, similar to China SF Express. European special surface mail and appointment registration use Belgium Post's Internet and customs clearance system software to create a high-quality regional small package service project. The whole process only needs 5-9 working days to complete the delivery.

    The business process of "European Special Dedicated Line Transportation-Surface Mail / Appointment Registration" issued by Victory Express International adopts the method of "airplane and flight direct local postal express delivery", that is, Victory Express International Courier is responsible for China's collection-express sorting- Hong Kong trucks are shipped to Hong Kong, China, and Belgium Post is responsible for European customs clearance and local country delivery.

    Compared with other small package business processes, Shenglitong Europe special special line transportation-surface mail / appointment registration has significant advantages in the convenience and speed of customs clearance. With the help of Belgium Post, it has a strong export customs clearance work ability and professional customs clearance work ability in Europe and my country. After arriving in Denmark, customs clearance is performed and then shipped to various European countries. There is no need to do second customs clearance. Not only is the reliability good, but also the import tariff is more preferential.

    The majority of international parcels delivered by Shenglitong International Express are shipped from Denmark to destination countries, and most of them only need one or two working days. The transfer speed is faster and the timeliness is more ensured.

    European special special line transportation-the advantages of surface mail / appointment registration

    1. Low price: Compared with other small packages, the price is more preferential;

    2. Good customs clearance: technical and professional customs clearance, faster transfer speed, high efficiency of distribution;

    3. High timeliness: direct flights to Europe, 4-9 jobs can be completed within Japan;

    4. View the best: the content of the goods movement track information can go to the 17track logistics tracking service platform for real-time query;

    5. Fast online: After collecting from all parts of the country, it can be completed online within 24 hours;

    6. Wide coverage: The scope can cover 28 European countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Italy.

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