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EU registration IOSS

      For goods sent to the EU, please register with IOSS as soon as possible. If you do not register for IOSS after July 1, the goods will not be shipped normally, please be aware!

     Customs requirements, export to EU countries, engaged in consumer (B2C) e-commerce activities and other cross-border trade related companies / actual senders, due to changes in EU import value-added tax tariffs starting on July 1, the company / actual sender is required Prior to this, complete the one-stop import (IOSS) registration to facilitate fast transshipment/customs clearance and eliminate any unexpected costs. If any unexpected costs are incurred, the sender will be responsible for it, please be aware!

     (Understand in one article|What is one-stop import (IOSS)? What impact does it have on sellers?

     IOSS registration URL:

Working day:9:00-18:00
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