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Charged cosmetics can be sent in small packages from UK, Germany, Europe

Special line parcels in the United States, Germany and Europe can send unique goods such as electric skin care products. The special line parcels in Europe are our direct line of special lines from China to European countries, which can be smoothly connected to Denmark, the United States, Spain, Spain, Germany, Finland, and France. , Italy, Sweden and other European regions 28 countries. FBA is directly operated by our company for the first international air transportation. Customers send the goods to our warehouse. Our company weighs and reloads the package to apply for China Customs. The goods are transported to the airport. The timeliness of the whole process in Denmark, the United States, Spain and other countries only needs 7-9 working days in Japan, and the timeliness of the whole process in countries such as Spain, Romania, Estonia and other countries is 9-12 working days in Japan.

    European special line small package, American special line small package, German special line small package

    Can be sent with built-in rechargeable batteries, supporting facilities rechargeable batteries (output power less than 100W/H), 200ml liquid, mud, hand cream, eye essence, moisturizing mask, nasal mask, lipstick, lipstick and other skin care products. It does not accept pure electricity, counterfeit, very easy sprayers, alcohol-based liquids, asbestos, objects with side effects, flammable and explosive products, powdered, liquid, magnetic objects that exceed specifications, etc. This method is not DDP. All import duties incurred must be paid by the sender. The application value only accepts goods within US$163. The application value of the goods is valid. The application is valid. If the understatement or false statement is found by China Customs, it may be assessed again. The use value of the equipment is taxed. Net weight specifications: 0-2kg, the sum of dimensions does not exceed 90cm, one side does not exceed 60cm, 2-30 kg, one side does not exceed 0.6m, and the sum of dimensions does not exceed 1.4m. US, Germany and Europe special line can send small packages of skin care products that can receive goods within 30 kilograms, and the price is based on the price of 1 kilogram plus the disposal fee per ticket. This special line method can be smoothly connected to many countries, the timeliness is stable and rapid, the price is moderate, and there are many types of goods that can be sent. It is a common special line method for various cross-border e-commerce service platforms and self-built station merchants. The business process of COD collection for international e-commerce covers most countries in the world.

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