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Amazon intends to install self-service parcel lockers in French malls

    According to recent reports from foreign media, Amazon announced that it will expand its parcel locker business to France by installing self-service parcel lockers in shopping malls in a new round of express network expansion plan. At present, Amazon's parcel container business has covered the United States and the United Kingdom.

     Amazon said that the company will bear the installation, maintenance, customer service and daily operating costs of the parcel cabinet. The shopping center only needs to provide power, 2 to 5 square meters of space and internet connection. This will greatly reduce the cost and management investment of the shopping center, paving the way for further expansion of the parcel container business.

     In this way, online shoppers only need to select the self-service parcel locker when placing an order, and then use the password sent by SMS or email to collect the express mail at the self-service parcel locker.

     For shopping malls, the big advantage is that this value-added service allows consumers to stay longer and continue shopping.

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