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Amazon FBA logistics introduction

Victory International Logistics provides Amazon FBA warehouse-to-door service, which transports sellers' goods from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, etc. by air/express/sea transportation.

     There are also value-added services such as FBA return and exchange of labels, FBA transit, export tax rebate, insurance purchase, VAT registration and bonded.

     FBA area: FBA warehouse address, FBA warehouse distribution map, FBA shipping instructions

     FBA air freight service: US FBA first air freight, Canada FBA first special line, Japan FBA first air freight, British FBA first air freight double tax package

     FBA shipping service: US FBA bulk cargo shipping to door, US FBA FCL to door

     Our advantage:

     Risk control, pre-review of all product names, risk avoidance in advance!

     Customs clearance, familiar with all import and export customs clearance methods and requirements at home and abroad, and have strong customs clearance capabilities!

     Channels, self-built channels, strong control, response, and adjustment capabilities!

     System, independent development of logistics software and WeChat platform, strong informatization and re-optimization capabilities!

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