Common Problem
    Common Problem
    Packaging considerations

    Packing notes:

        1. Avoid using boxes that are too large or have printed materials on the surface: Do not use boxes that are too large, have too many prints on the surface, or are all patterns in international transportation.

        2. Avoid using damaged or easily deformed and unstable boxes: Please do not use damaged boxes. Although you may make a box work again, your goods may be damaged during transportation. Also do not use boxes that are easily deformed and weak.

        3. Avoid using inferior fillers: Do not use waste paper or other inferior materials from the shredder to fill the gaps in the box. If the quality of the fillers is not good, they may not be able to play a buffering effect.

        4. Avoid leaving any gap between the box and the item: If there is a gap, the item will sway between them, which will make the gap larger and larger, causing the cushioning material to lose its effectiveness and your goods may be damaged.

        5. Avoid using any odd-shaped packaging: for example, cylindrical packaging boxes or bags may roll off the truck or container during transportation. Boxes and bags with peculiar shapes and styles may cause unnecessary trouble for your goods during transportation.

        6. Avoid using envelopes to send items: Do not use envelopes to send valuable or fragile items. Practice has proved that using envelopes to send items may be stuck in the letter sorting machine, and the items will not receive any effective protection.

        7. The address should be written in detail and accurately: do not use pencils or pens to write the address, they may become blurred during transportation. Principles of shipping method selection

        1. From the perspective of the buyer; the seller should consider all aspects of the goods purchased by the buyer, including freight, safety, delivery speed, and whether there are tariffs, etc.;

        2. Try to choose low-cost services for buyers while meeting the safety and speed of the goods.

        3. Commodity transportation does not require exquisite outer packaging. The key point is to deliver the sold commodities to the buyer safely and quickly.

        4. Air parcel and EMS express services provided by China Post are the transportation methods used by most Chinese transnational sellers.

        5. Even if you have more experience, it is impossible to estimate the situation of all buyers, so it is more appropriate to give the option to the buyer. You only need to indicate the supported transportation method in the item description, and then determine a default transportation Way, then if the buyer has other needs, he will contact the seller.

        6. Some buyers may be suitable for multiple shipping methods. You can write down your usual methods and discounts, which will save buyers part of the shipping costs and earn more repeat customers for you.

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